VR resolver J132XU9734
Product model:VR resolver J132XU9734
Application scenario: textile machinery, electronic cams, injection molding machines, CNC machine tools, military servo, hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicle systems.
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* There may be multiple versions of products of the same model, and different versions of products will be different (including functional parameters, logo design, appearance details, product data, etc.), please take the real object as the standard. It is recommended that you consult in detail about the specific version you will purchase before purchase.

Ultra-thin size 

   Ultra-thin design Built-in structure with small footprint

High temperature resistance

           Special electromagnetic design Special cable line High performance silicon steel lamination The allowable operating temperature range is -40°C~+155°C


           Large investment in R&D, high protection level, vibration and impact resistance

High rotational speed

          High rotation speed up to 60000 RPM

Reliable operation

          Dedicated design, precise part structure, stable and efficient operation

Ultra-low price

          By reducing the number of components, the cost of rotation is greatly reduced

Note: For product details, please contact the marketing department to obtain the relevant outline drawing, lead length, wire harness treatment, rotor bore diameter, etc. can be customized according to the needs.

Pole of Pairs: 4 pairs of stages

Input Voltage: 7Vrms

Input Frequency: 10KHz

Transformation Ratio: 0.286±10%

Accuracy: ≤±30′

Phaseshift: ≤±10°

Temperature Range :(-40~+155) °C